17 June 2012

Interview Transcription by KATTS

Since KATTS was established in 2003, I have transcribed hundreds if not thousands of interviews of all shapes and sizes:

interview transcription using a table layout, long interview transcription, short interview transcription, medium-to-large interview transcription projects, small interview transcription projects and everything in between.

Anyone who has worked on their own interview transcription could possibly think I was just a little bit crazy to want to do so much interview transcription.

Well in fact providing interview transcription is a large part of KATTS' transcription services business and is actually enjoyable as the subject matters and clients can be so diverse.

For instance, KATTS is working on a medium-sized interview transcription project for a University at the moment. Next week KATTS will also be working on interview transcription for a student studying for their PhD qualification.

The interview transcription projects KATTS cover are not limited to academic having also worked on quite a number of interview transcription projects for:

corporate businesses, museums, authors, market research, health & safety, solicitors, police, SMEs, charities, social enterprise, broadcasters, including independent broadcasters, entrepreneurs... you get the idea.

Interview transcription is quite a time-consuming task and so outsourcing this type of work does make a lot of sense.

This is where KATTS can help. Outsourcing your interview transcription to KATTS is easy and will provide you with a personal interview transcription service.

If you would like to learn more about the interview transcription services KATTS provides then pop over to the interview transcription page of the website at www.kingaudio.co.uk. If you like what you see email KATTS for an interview transcription quotation.  


  1. Hello,
    Interview transcription is a type of business or general transcription where you transcribe the audio recording of one person interviewing another. The interview can take place in person or over the phone and can be an interview of one or more people. This type of work can come from a variety of clients from authors to seminar speakers. Thanks..

    1. Thank you for your definition of interview transcription Dan. I've got to say that interview transcription is one of my favourite types of transcription.