24 February 2012

6 Top Tips for Improving Your Posture from First Class Physiotherapy

In my transcription services business I spend hours sitting transcribing so I found these tips from First Class Physiotherapy for improving your posture really useful and I wanted to share them with you: http://firstclassphysio.blogspot.com/2012/02/6-top-tips-for-improving-your-posture.html

06 February 2012

What does your transcription services quote include?

I was interested to read on a LinkedIn group that apparently not all companies providing transcription services produce transcripts with full punctuation and paragraphs as standard. This is fine if the client has requested this style of transcription, if not the client will get a surprise when they receive the completed transcript. 

Imagine a transcript like that, no punctuation, no paragraphs, just one long string of text. To make a transcript of this style legible could be a long task; it may even defeat the object of outsourcing transcription in the first place. 

One would think that punctuation and splitting text into paragraphs where appropriate would be standard across the transcription services industry and fundamental to producing quality transcripts. However, in the current economic climate perhaps a minority of transcription providers are trying to cut transcription time in order to offer cheaper services and thereby compromising quality of service. 

It is therefore important to check with your transcription service provider initially to find out exactly what is included in the quoted transcription price. 

As a professional transcription services business KATTS provide as standard - unless instructed otherwise by the client: 

  • full punctuation
  • breaking text into paragraphs where appropriate
  • researching names of people and places on the internet where possible to gain the correct spellings
  • identification of speakers in 1:1 interview transcription if required
  • a full proofread of the transcript against the original audio
  • spell checking
  • complete confidentiality 

All of these things are included in the quoted transcription price at KATTS. 

To find out more about professional transcription services check out the KATTS website.