05 June 2012

Disciplinary & Grievance Hearing Transcription at KATTS

Having added a new page to my website entitled Disciplinary Hearing and Grievance Hearing transcription, I thought I would let you know about this here on my blog.

I have been transcribing Disciplinary and Grievance Hearings for several years and am now looking to expand this aspect of the transcription services I offer.

One of my clients is a growing London-based company and it has been my pleasure to provide them with Disciplinary and Grievance Hearing transcriptions for the past five years. 

Another of my clients is a large local company and as well as Disciplinary and Grievance Hearing transcriptions, I also help them with appraisal meeting transcription for their Human Resources (HR) Department.

I offer a completely confidential and impartial transcription service and produce transcripts that can be shared with all parties involved if necessary. This takes the strain out of making copious notes during the meeting, which facilitates a more focussed approach

Besides saving my clients hours and hours of transcription time, the Disciplinary and Grievance Hearing transcription services KATTS provides saves the cost of having an employee in house to transcribe these lengthy meetings, so using KATTS transcription services is a win win situation.

Click here to visit the Disciplinary Hearing and Grievance Hearing transcription page at the KATTS website and contact me for a quotation.

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