19 January 2011

Convert wav to mp3 for transcription

If your wav audio files are large they can take a long time to upload to your transcription services provider. wav files can also take up a lot of space on a hard drive.

To combat this convert the wav to mp3. Converting the wav to mp3 will compress the file to a smaller size. The audio file will then be quicker to upload to your transcription services provider over the internet.

There are hundreds of file converters to choose from on the internet although the file converter I mainly use is Switch Audio File Converter Software, which is really easy to use.

16 January 2011

Thanks Sarah - you are a star!

Thanks Sarah - you are a star! - This was the message I received from my client after completing an urgent Friday afternoon project. Its lovely to be appreciated, thank you.

07 January 2011

Great start to 2011

Well I have reached the end of my first working week of 2011 and what a cracking week it has been. I've been working on a really fascinating oral history interview transcription project for one of my clients, together with some Patent transcription and some legal transcription for next week. All in all it looks like its going to be a good year!

How has 2011 been for you so far?

04 January 2011

Business as usual

Back to business as usual today and wishing my clients and colleagues all the best for the New Year 2011.