25 October 2010

Organic feedback: interview transcription

"Hi Sarah

Just wanted to say thank you, super fast turn-around, much appreciated!"

This is my client's organic feedback in relation to HR interview transcription. By 'organic' I mean it is feedback that the client has given with no prompt from me.

If you have a LinkedIn account you can see some recommendations for KATTS' transcription services here.

19 October 2010

Deal with a real person! Dedicated professional transcription services

If you are looking for a dedicated professional transcription services provider where you can deal with a real person, then look no further. I work on all transcriptions personally and you can speak to me by phone or via email. 

When you choose KATTS to work on your transcription project you wont get passed from pillar to post, you will deal with me and I will keep you informed every step of the way.

And of course I will provide the best service possible as ultimately I am responsible; the buck stops with me so rest assured you'll be in good hands.

To find out more visit the KATTS website

01 October 2010

Busy October-Book Early

Well October has arrived and its been a typical October day with blustery winds and rain.

The beginning of September is a traditionally quiet period for transcription services although towards the middle to end of September things have been gearing up again and it looks like October is going to be a busy month.

I'm already booked for the week commencing 4 October with an international conference transcription and another prospective conference transcription later in the month.

So my advice would be to book your transcription projects in early because remember, its first-come, first-served and projects are only firmly booked once the Project Booking Form is returned.

Happy October!