03 November 2013

Record year for transcription services

October has been another fantastic month for KATTS transcription services having transcribed a diverse range of transcription projects for various clients.

As can be seen from the pie chart, the biggest slice of transcription projects covered by KATTS in October has been interview transcription with healthy portions of legal, video, grievance hearing and conference transcription. 

Many of these projects were of an urgent nature and I'm so proud to say that as always, with dogged determination and focus, KATTS met and often exceeded deadlines. 

Great results for clients! 

'Amazing - thanks for getting those turned around so quickly!'

And the transcription services business is showing no signs of slowing down. November is already off to a flying start. 

Record year for KATTS transcription services

In my 10 years in the transcription services industry this year is on schedule to be a record year for business. 

Its very exciting times here at KATTS. 

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