22 March 2013

HD Video Transcription - large file sizes

King Audio Transcription & Typing Services has been providing professional video transcription services for over 11 years in which time technology has been improving at a rapid rate. 

Advances in technology bring certain challenges in adapting to new things. Take high definition (HD) video for instance; absolutely fantastic!  But try sending it over the internet and you could run into difficulties. Videos recorded in HD can make file sizes larger due to the extra data that HD generates.

One of King Audio Transcription's clients came across this problem recently when they wanted to send us a video transcription project consisting of 90 short HD video files totalling approximately 90GB over the internet. 

We ruled out sending the videos via SendThisFile, which we use regularly for receiving video files for transcription, as it may have taken too long.

We also ruled out using Dropbox having used this for a similar video transcription project last year. Although it worked quite well it was still time consuming and a bit fiddly having to remove batches of videos before the client uploaded more as the space got used up.

In the end my client settled on sending the videos on a hard drive through the post. A good enough solution as we had the luxury of time on this video transcription project. However, had the project been more urgent perhaps not such a good solution.

The advances in HD technology are great, and although the scenario above is quite unique, file size and file sharing is still something to take into consideration if you're thinking of recording video in HD.

Have you run into a similar situation? If you’d like to share your experiences please leave a message below. 

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