13 November 2014

Catch a mouse; kill the pain!

After nearly 12 years and thousands and thousands of hours of professional transcription at King Audio Transcription & Typing Services, I guess it was inevitable that I would suffer from some form of arm pain, tennis elbow or RSI-type symptoms predominantly in my right arm. 

After some research on the internet I discovered that a vertical mouse may help with these symptoms.

I was amazed to find a vertical mouse on Amazon for under £9 as usually any equipment which is designed to help with health problems is very expensive.

At this price I thought it’s worth a try to help make transcription more comfortable and if it doesn’t work, then I haven’t made a huge investment in this equipment.

The vertical mouse does look a lot different than a conventional mouse and I thought it would take a long time to get used to. However, I have found the vertical mouse very easy and comfortable to use whilst transcribing and generally using my PC.

After a short period of time, just a couple of weeks, I have noticed a big reduction in the arm pain I have been experiencing. This has vastly improved my comfort whilst transcribing for my clients.

I would recommend this mouse to anyone who experiences arm pain associated with mouse use and particularly transcribers.