29 January 2010

Positive steps when choosing transcription services

Since my last blog I thought it would be useful to list some positive steps in choosing the right transcription services.

Like anything these days one has to be careful when choosing the right transcription services provider for your project. Searching randomly on the internet is a gamble. You could be lucky enough to find a good transcription services provider, in which case treat their details like gold dust and keep them safe OR you could end up with a sub-standard transcription.

Here are some positive steps which may help in your selection process:

Check who will be transcribing your audio
Will it go to more than one transcriber
Is the transcriber a native English speaker
Is there a sample transcript to show an example of work
Check what's included in the price – e.g. some companies charge more for verbatim transcription
Will the completed transcript be proof read against the audio for accuracy

If you find a good transcription services provider, keep the details so you can use them in the future and recommend them to your friends and colleagues.

If you work in a company share details of trusted service providers with your colleagues. Perhaps a database, resource page or a Linked in account could be used for this purpose. My Linked in account is here.

Encourage colleagues to check there first before searching randomly on the internet.

So those are just a few steps. If I can think of anything else I'll add it later. However, if you would like to discuss your transcription project with me please feel free to contact me at King Audio Transcription & Typing Services.