13 January 2010

Interview transcription example

Today I have transcribed an interview that I saw on a CNBC video at The New York Times to give an example of my interview transcription. If you click the link you will be given the option to open or save the transcript, which is in Word 2000 format.

I hope this goes some way to demonstrate the quality of KATTS’ interview transcription. I chose an interview in the public domain as an example as all interview transcription carried out by KATTS is treated with confidentiality.

KATTS offers a range of interview transcription services including:

One-to-one interviews
Multi-speaker interviews
Telephone interviews
Oral history interviews
Research interviews
Television and radio interviews
Recorded conversations

All interview transcription is carried out by me, Sarah King, in the United Kingdom. I ensure that each interview transcript is proof read carefully against the original audio. This is included in the quoted price and not added on as an extra charge.

KATTS offers flexible interview transcription. Speakers can be identified by name or initials or simply I = interviewer and P = participant. An interview template can be supplied by KATTS or alternatively the client can supply their own template for use in the interview transcription.

Interviews can be transcribed verbatim including every utterance like ‘umm’ and ‘err’ at no extra charge. Alternatively these utterances can be omitted from the interview transcript.

For more information about interview transcription visit KATTS’ interview transcription page.