25 January 2010

Choose the right transcription services and save money

I was approached by a new client this month who had used a random transcription services provider for interview transcription. He had two interviews to transcribe one of which he had already had transcribed by the provider. Fortunately for the client, the transcription service provider was unable to transcribe his second interview so he came to me at King Audio Transcription & Typing Services.

When I had completed the interview transcription and returned the transcript, the client telephoned me to say he was really pleased with the quality and speed of my transcription. He said he had only just had a chance to look at the transcript provided by the other service provider and there were whole sentences omitted from the transcript with no markers indicating this. He said overall it was of very poor quality and of little use to him with so many omissions so he asked me to transcribe that interview as well.

Unfortunately for for the client he ended up paying twice for one of his interview transcriptions, which obviously is not a good situation for anyone to be in. He could have saved money if he had come across King Audio Transcription & Typing Services in the first instance.

In my opinion the audio was clear and audible and there were no strong accents so it is difficult to understand how the other transcription company missed out so much in their transcript.

At King Audio Transcription & Typing Services the following is standard practice:

I always try to ensure that my transcriptions are as complete as possible and generally, providing the audio and speakers are clear, this can be achieved. However, I don’t want to be unrealistic here, sometimes words can be obscured by background noises for instance a cough or a laugh, so sometimes it is not possible to get every word spoken in which case a marker will be placed in the transcript at that point to indicate this.

I always research names and technical terms on the internet to ensure correct spellings where information is available online.

Quality control is ensured by carefully proof reading transcripts against the original audio.

King Audio Transcription & Typing Services offer competitive rates and all transcription is carried out by me in the UK.

You are welcome to visit the King Audio Transcription & Typing Services website and email or call me for a no obligation quotation. You can also follow me on Twitter at KATTS03.