13 May 2011

The story of KATTS: the acronym

Last week my Mum asked me what KATTS was and I had to explain to her that KATTS is an acronym of King Audio Transcription & Typing Services.

I don’t use an acronym because it’s the ‘in thing’ or because I like cats although as it happens I do rather like cats.

It just so happened that when I started my business back in 2003 I chose a rather long name. The name had to reflect the service my business offers, which is audio transcription and typing and the King, well that’s my name, Sarah King.

So being very unimaginative in the timeframe I had, I couldn’t come up with a better name and hence the mouthful King Audio Transcription & Typing Services.

Therefore to simplify things I have been using the acronym KATTS for a few years now - hope you’re paying attention Mum! :-)

So there you have it, the story of KATTS: the acronym.

P.S. If you use Twitter you may notice that my Twitter name is KATTS03. That is the acronym KATTS and 03 as in 2003 being the year I started my business.

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