24 May 2011

How to upload an audio file for transcription

At last I've joined the YouTube revolution and I've made my first 'How to' video and here it is
This video gives detailed instructions on how to upload a sound file to me via my website for transcription.

I have also prepared detailed instructions in text format of how to upload a sound file to me for transcription:

Go to www.kingaudio.co.uk, come down the list on the left and click ‘Send a File’.

When the page loads, in the grey SendThisFile Box type your email address into the box marked ‘Your email’ after deleting the words ‘Your email’.

Type me a little message in the message box.

Next to File 1 click ‘choose file’ which will open a window to enable you to navigate to where you have stored your sound file on your computer. Select your sound file and click ‘open’.

Your sound file should now be attached to the File 1 line of the SendThisFile page on my website. 

If you want to upload more than one sound file then next to File 2 click ‘choose file’ and do the same again.

You can upload up to 5 files in this way.

When you are ready to upload your sound file(s) click ‘SendThisFile’ in the centre of the grey box.

The dashed line underneath will turn yellow and as your file starts to upload the dashes will turn red. It may take a little while. Keep the page open until all the dashes have turned red right to the end of the line.

If you close the page before the entire dashed line has turned red it will cancel the upload.

The upload will be complete when all the dashed lines have turned red and a notification appears underneath saying ‘complete’.

And that’s it.

Let me know if you found this helpful. 

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