05 March 2014

Focus Group Transcription - Table Planner Tool

Focus group formats can vary; in some focus groups each speaker will say their name each time before they speak, or sometimes the speakers do not need to be identified. These two formats make focus group transcription much easier and can reduce the cost of having focus groups transcribed. 

And then there are focus groups in which all the participants in the focus group need to be identified in the transcript. Each participant will say a little bit about themselves at the beginning and then it is up to the transcriber to recognise their voices thereafter. This makes the focus group transcription a longer and more complicated process as recognising voices from a recording is not easy and can involve flicking backwards and forwards in the recording. Transcription of this format will obviously cost more. 

How can a wedding planning site provide a fantastic tool
for focus group transcription?

For the transcription of this format it is necessary for the transcriber to make notes about each participant in order to help with the identification of their voice each time they speak. 

I am working on this type of focus group at the moment and I wanted a table plan template where I could make notes about each participant and have a visual cue of them sitting around a table. 

So I searched the internet and found this wedding planning website that has downloadable table planner templates, which was exactly what I was looking for.  

This is a great little tool to help with focus group transcription, so simple and yet very effective. 

UPDATE: This is what the table planner tool looks like when in use. It certainly makes focus group transcription more fun. 

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