13 September 2011

Interview transcription formatting

Outsourcing your interview transcription to KATTS could save you hours of time. A 30 minute interview with one individual can take approximately three hours to transcribe by a competent transcriptionist. This does not include proofreading time.  

I have transcribed numerous interviews for many different clients and they all require their own particular interview transcription formatting.
Indented paragraphs

For this reason I don’t use interview templates that are set in stone; it’s all very flexible so you can decide exactly how you want your interview transcripts to look.

Here are some things you may wish to consider for your interview transcription formatting:

  • If you are studying with a university ask your tutor if there is a preferred interview transcription format for the course you are doing.

  • Do you want the participants to be identified in the interview transcript; for example by their initials or I = Interviewer, P = Participant or another method of identification?

    Unindented paragraphs
    Indented or unindented paragraphs. See the images on this page for examples of indented and unindented paragraphs in interview transcripts.

  • Do you want a large left or right margin to accommodate analysis notes?

  • Do you want the audio to be typed into a table with rows and columns that can be converted to text?

As mentioned above, I am flexible with regards to interview transcription formatting and can usually provide an example interview template that will suit your requirements. However, in cases where you may need a particular interview transcription format I can adjust the interview template to accommodate this. Alternatively you can send me your own interview template.

If you would like further information about interview transcription please visit the interview transcription page of my website or contact me.

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