18 February 2010

Transcribers: what keyboard do you use?

I recently replaced my keyboard with a bog standard keyboard to use when providing transcription services. The keyboard is okay but I’m finding that it’s not ideal for the high volume transcription that I do.

So I’m interested in what keyboards other transcribers use. I know I could read product reviews on the internet, but I’m specifically interested in what other transcribers use as they will be using their keyboards for high volume transcription too.

I asked this question on Facebook and my friend, Linda Christie, who is also a freelance transcriber, recommended the Microsoft Wireless media centres, i.e. keyboard and mouse 1000 version, which I will be looking into, and James P King suggested a gaming keyboard for responsiveness.

So if any transcribers out there have other suggestions for a good keyboard or keyboards to avoid I’d love to hear from you.

UPDATE 28.2.10: Since posting this I have now purchased a new keyboard. I decided to go for a Cherry eVolution stream corded multimedia keyboard. It is an ‘ultra-flat design keyboard with plug & play performance. It has ultra-flat keys pleasing to the touch and whisper keystrokes for extremely low-noise use’.

The keyboard is ultra-flat, a bit like a laptop keyboard and certainly is low noise and very responsive. It is a pleasure to use as it has a really nice feel to it and exactly as described on the box. It is perfect for my transcription services.

This keyboard was recommended to me by web designer Max Glenister. Thanks Max.

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