01 December 2009

How to choose a transcription services provider

I had a call from a gentleman a couple of months ago. He had been using a UK transcription services provider for interview transcription. He said the transcripts were so poor that he had to redo them himself. The UK company he had contracted had not offered to put the transcripts right when he complained and they were pushing him to pay their invoice. He said they were 'hounding him' and using 'mafia like pressure' to make him pay. This account reflects the gentleman’s point of view and if his account is accurate I think this is quite a shocking story.

I had a call today from a company who had been using an offshore transcription services provider. Unfortunately the transcription services provider had let them down and not finished the project. They were therefore trying to find a UK transcription services provider to complete the project in a hurry.

It must be very difficult to choose a transcription services provider as there are so many to choose from and you never really know what kind of job you’re going to get. It’s great if you are recommended to a transcription services provider by someone with experience of that company but that’s not always possible.

Some tips:

  • Try to use a transcription service provider who has been recommended to you by someone who has used them.
If that is not possible:

  • Check that the transcription services provider only uses transcribers whose mother tongue is English.
  • Check yourself that your audio is clear and audible. If the audio quality is not good this may be reflected in your transcripts and may incur extra costs.
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